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Every child deserves a chance at happiness. But many children – burdened with disease, disabilities or disorders – face daily obstacles that may seem insurmountable. At Charity for Children, we are local people helping local children, right here in the greater Central New York area.

Our efforts focus on providing services directly for children, as well as assistance to families who often struggle to overcome the many associated challenges. These services are mostly financial, but also include advocacy, intervention and medical referrals. Working in conjunction with other organizations, Charity for Children strives to fulfill most, if not all, of our children’s needs. First, last and always, we are advocates for children.

Charity For Children is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial and educational services to needy families in Central New York, specifically, children who suffer from disabilities, diseases and disorders.

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We are supported solely through individual contributions, special events and corporate gifts, with no government funding. CFC is not affiliated with any other agency, which means we need your help!

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